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Not to be confused with quartz! Unlike quartz, quartzite is a natural stone and mined the same way as granite and other natural stones are. Quartzite is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock which was originally pure quartz sandstone. Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression within orogenic belts. Pure quartzite is usually white to grey, though quartzites often occur in various shades of pink and red due to varying amounts of iron oxide. Other colors, such as yellow, green, blue and orange, are due to other minerals. 



Quartzite looks a lot like marble and is often times more durable. It is UV resistant which allows it to be outdoors if you so desire or in areas that obtain a lot of light. Quartzite can be damaged in several ways nonetheless. It is unfortunately susceptible to scratches and damage by objects like knives or anything sharp. It is also susceptible to damage by high heat such as a hot pot or pan which would call for a trivet or buffer zone to avoid direct contact.


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