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Quartz is one of the more recent developments in stone products. It is man made (sometimes called ‘Engineered Stone’) and comprised of a  wide range of recycled stone and other materials. A lot of its composition contains material such as resin, recycled stone and industrial waste such as glass, mirrors, and the foundational component- quartz crystal.  Because its materials are in part recycled, it makes it an environmentally conscious choice in contrast to the nonrenewable energy exerted to mine natural stone.


 Pro’s & Cons… 

The only real cons that come with Quartz are that its price can be high due to the way it is manufactured. Quartz may also be less heat resistant than marble or granite which means you need to use caution when cooking with pans as well as laying hot items on the countertop. On the contrary, it is an objectively fabulous choice both aesthetically and environmentally. Innovations in the quartz industry have allowed for versatility in appearance that can mimic any and all natural stone. It may be the best segway into the future of stoneworks!