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Granite is one of the most popular types of stone used for countertops, vanities and most decorative surfaces. The reason for this primarily being its high durability and scratch resistance. It is an igneous rock comprising of quartz, feldspar, micas, and other trace minerals that provide it with its diversified array of colors. It is formed through the cooling process of molten rock as it migrates up towards the earth's crust through tectonic plate movement until it is eventually quarried and shipped around the world for fabrication.        


Pros/Cons: When deciding to use granite, there is not much that can go wrong. For the most part, It is low maintenance, scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain-resistant, and chemical resistant. Let it be known however that the type of granite varies among color and density. These two factors have a lot to do with susceptibility to stains in which case, a sealer is applied that will protect it for up to ten years.


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