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Whether it have been the extravagant pillars within the palaces of Julius Caesar, or the towering façade of the United States Supreme Court, the collective idea is that marble stone as a commodity exudes power and prosperity. As far as its fundamental origins go, It is a rock derived from limestone being heated and changed by pressure through metamorphism. Marble comprises of minerals such as calcite, clay minerals, micas, quartz, and iron oxides. These creations from metamorphosis are made into marble that can be hundreds of feet thick and quarried for

fabrication in the millions of tons!

Pros/Cons:  Marble requires a bit more care and maintenance should you want it installed in your kitchen or bathroom.  Different to other natural stone in that it is much better with heat and does not get damaged from it but it does scratch and stain easily. Please do your research on marble or any stone for that matter before making the big leap!


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